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First Blow - ZachFeaturing: ZachAdded 09/13/2019
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Zach is taken to the cabin where he strips naked and then lays down on the bed and has his ass whipped with a leather belt, and then with a birch switch that he has cut down from beside the river. 40 swats with the belt, then 40 strikes of the switch, then 40 swats with the belt, then 40 with the switch and so on. Zach is eventually given the choice between more ass whipping and sucking cock. He chooses to try sucking cock. This is the very first time Zach has ever sucked a guys cock before, and his in-experience shows as he gags and chokes on the shaft. More whipping. There is also a non-explicit edit of this film which eliminates the sexual contact at the end of the clip. For fans of Zach, this is Zach's most intense video.

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